Vedic Mythology: The planetary War n Corona Virus

The planetary War n Corona Virus:

To understand the Corona Virus we need to go back to 15 march 2019 when Jupiter enters its mooltricon sign Sagittarius and Mula nakshatra ruled by Ketu,here it finds Saturn in its house in Purvashadha nakshatra ruled by Venus which is natural samdharmi [friend] of Saturn.This placement of Saturn in mooltricon house of Jupiter results in enmity between Saturn n Jupiter.

At this time Ketu is transiting in Capricorn its mooltricon house ruled by Saturn therefore very friendly with Saturn and not with Jupiter who is transiting in its nakshatra of lordship.Sooner on 11 April 2019 Ketu enters Sagittarius to assist/help Saturn. As a result Saturn and ketu occupy Sagittarius as a result Jupiter is forced to withdraw on 11 April 2019 and moves back into scorpio and continue withdrawal till 11 August 2019 Immediately afterwards Saturn also goes retrograde to follow Jupiter during this time Saturn has the support of Ketu and Rahu which is placed in Gemini and in Vedic Astrology is taken as Saturn.

During this retrogration of Saturn and Jupiter a rare planetary event takes place,that is the occultation [eclipse] of Saturn takes place by Moon on 15/16 July 2019 in other words Moon helps Jupiter in its war,but a few hours later Moon is ecliped by Ketu who takes revenge for Saturn.

Now Jupiter who is unhappy to leave its mooltricon house gathers his energies and goes direct on 11 August 2019 and moves forward to move into Sagittarius and reclaim its house,this is followed by the act of Saturn who observing the attitude of Jupiter goes direct on 18 Sept 2019,during this time it start damaging Sagittarius with the help of Ketu and Rahu in the shape of Corona Virus,and finally leaves Sagittarius on 20 Jan 2020.From this date to 11th May 2020 is the period of severity of Corona which we all have felt. Jupiter chasing Saturn enters Capricorn on 20th march 2020 and as such the fight continues.

On 11 May 2020 Saturn goes retrograde to check Jupiter who has moved into its house as a result Jupiter assessing the intentions of Saturn also goes retrograde to move back into its house.Ketu leaves Sagittarius and Rahu moves to Taurus resultantly Jupiter and Saturn are left to fight,the time between May and September may be classed as a time of ceasefire,during this time decline in Coved-19 will be observed.

Jupiter becomes direct on 13 Sept and Saturn on 29 september and Jupiter meets Saturn on 21 December 2020 in Capricorn ,its a very close meeting in the nakshatra of Uttrashadha ruled by Sun and in Navamsa ruled by Jupiter.
Hereinafter Jupiter moves ahead of Saturn in Capricorn,and the planetary war continues into 2021.

This BLOG had been due efforts of Joint Study of Hamid Sheikh & Sukirti Kakkar

Hamid Sheikh
Vedic Astrologer
Calgary, Canada
Sukirti Kakkar
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