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1.Take these buckets as containers of different size in relation to their speed,for example if we take a month as a unit then we can say Moon [1 unit] Sun [12 units]
Jupiter [144 units] Saturn [360 units] and likewise for other planets.

2.When these planets are moving towards the ascendant they are bringing happiness and good fortune.[of course depending upon the horoscope of an individual] 
This is the time where the proverb"make hay while the sun shines" fits exactly.

3.Once these planets have crossed over to the 3rd house they are empty and a lull period prevails,misfortunes may not be there but the native feels helpless 
as returns for his efforts are not forthcoming,usually during this period people change their line of profession and are in the period of Hatti Chati Khati.

4.It is observed that if a native has Moon in the 3rd or 4th house and is undergoing sar e sati then it will be very hard on them and their new projects may
 fail miserably,if at this stage Jupiter is transisting towards the ascendant some relief is felt during this period.

5.We can all see our own charts and see how this behaved for them.

6.The containers start filling up and are beneficial once they enter the 5th house of the natal chart.

7.If we take kalpurush chart of these days we will observe that generally LIBRA ascendant people are under some sort of stress.

This BLOG had been due efforts of Joint Study of Hamid Sheikh & Sukirti Kakkar

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