1.In my previous Blog I have written about ongoing planetary war, the emergence of corona virus and resultant deaths. 
	My present writeup is in continuation of the previous ones but now concentrating on the Saturn/Jupiter conjunction which
	 will occur on 21 December 2020.

	2.Saturn and Jupiter will become direct in mid and end September as a result the decline in human death seen so 
	far since mid May 2020 may accelerate again because of disease/famine/draught/natural calamities and WAR. 
	In order to make this Blog small I will quickly jump to Saturn/Jupiter conjunction which will occur in
	 December 2020 and by-pass the gradual developments which takes place during till then.
	3.Taking Ayanamsa 23:16:8 I will discuss the planetary position.
	4.SUN:Which is karak for 10th house will be in Sagittarius sign which is owned by its friend Jupiter.
	It will be in MOOLA nakshatra [destructive nakshatra] creates stress and conflicts, this nakshatra is 
	ruled by Ketu which is exalted on that date.
	It is in Pisces navamsa ruled by Jupiter which is its friend.
	5.Mercury is conjunct Sun within one degree in Sagittarius owned by Jupiter.
	Mercury is in Moola nakshatra which is ruled by Ketu and is a destructive nakshatra. It will be in
	 Gemini navamsa its own house. It may be noted that sun n mercury are samroop on that date.
	6.Moon is in Pisces owned by its friend Jupiter, however in the nakshatra of Saturn which is neutral
	 with it. It is placed in navamsa of sun who is friendly.
	7.Mars is in Pisces sign, revati nakshatra  and Pisces navamsa, all owned by Jupiter making Mars vargotham.
	8.Jupiter is in Capricorn ruled by Saturn although in basic astrology it is taken as debilitated but here
	 I will take it as lord of the Pisces so its location in 10th house from its own house makes it very powerful.
	  Jupiter is in nakshatra which is ruled by its friend sun. However it is also in its own navamsa.
	9.Venus is in Scorpio sign and navamsa[vargotham] with exalted Ketu which is ruled by mars who is neutral 
	with Venus. However Venus is in the nakshatra ruled by its friend Saturn.
	10.Saturn is in Capricorn having its own lordship but it is placed in 12th house from its own house Aquarius 
	also. Here it is placed with Jupiter which also has lordship of the 12th house from the placement of Saturn,
	 so not good for Saturn.
	Saturn is in nakshatra ruled by sun which is its enemy. And in the navamsa of Pisces ruled by Jupiter with 
	which it has fight presently.
	11. Rahu and Ketu are exalted in Scorpio and Taurus respectively.
	As planetary war is going on between Saturn and Jupiter, we observe that Jupiter is in a better position 
	than Saturn. The conjunction is taking place in Uttar ashada nakshatra which gives results slowly.
	Abhijit nakshatra has special importance in vedic astrology although not much used in Northern India for 
	day to day reading its utility has been confined to selection of auspicious muhurat only. This nakshatra 
	which has a span of 4 degree 13 min and 20 sec has no have share of its own in the zodiac but instead it 
	overlaps the last charan of uttarashada [3 degree 20 min] and first 53 min and 20 sec of the Saravana nakshatra.
	This conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter is taking place in this special nakshatra of Abhijit, in this placement 
	of Saturn is not good or rather it is in miserable condition. I’am of the view that this special nakshatra 
	should be used in mundane astrology only.
	A long drawn war along with natural calamities may result in significant depopulation of the earth.

This BLOG had been due efforts of Joint Study of Hamid Sheikh & Sukirti Kakkar

Hamid Sheikh
Vedic Astrologer
Calgary, Canada
Sukirti Kakkar
Vedic Astrologer