By Kiran Mahyavanshi
Finally we have 4 semifinalist team for the T20 Cricket World Cup 2021. It is indeed Sad that India did not had 
a good time at the ongoing tournament. I’m giving my best shot to predict the Winner of this T20 World Cup 2021 
with Option Theory as propounded by Rajendra Nimje.

Following are the options( I have ranked the team as per the points and net run rate)

Pakistan gets the 1st position as they have won all their match’s
England gets the 2nd Position as they have won 4 out of 5 match and their net run rate is +2.464
Australia gets the 3rd Position as they have won 4 out of 5 match and their net run rate is +1.216
New Zealand gets 4th Position as they have won 4 out of 5 match and their net run rate is +1.162

So our Options are as follows
1) Pakistan
2) England
3) Australia
4) New Zealand

Ruling planets @15hrs,17minutes, 38 seconds on 7th November, 2021 @birmingham, Alabama, United States(-6.00 hrs gmt) 
were as follows. 
(Please note – Ascendant/Lagna Nakshatra lord has been excluded from this list).

Rising Ascendant was Pisces, hence Jupiter is the Ascendant/Lagna Lord
Moon was transiting through sagittarius sign ruled by jupiter and in  Moola nakshatra. Moola Nakshatra is ruled by Ketu. 
Ketu does not own any sign. Ketu is deposited in Scorpio, hence Mars is the agent of Ketu. 
7th November, 2021 is Sunday, hence the Daylord is Sun.

So our Ruling Planets in order are as follows
1) Ascendant/Lagna Lord		 Jupiter
2) Moon Nakshatralord	         Ketu--- Ketu in Scorpio, hence Mars
3) Moon Rasilord			         Jupiter
4) Daylord				         Sun

At this moment, there are no planets retrograde.

Numbers assigned to the Planets are as follows
Sun		           5
Moon	           4
Mars		   1 and 8
Mercury	           3 and 6
Jupiter		   9 and 12
Venus		   2 and 7
Saturn		   10 and 11

Rahu/Ketu will be represented by the rasilord in concern rasi they are deposited

Based on the above number, we get the following results
1) Ascendant/Lagna Lord		Jupiter		(9+12) = 21
2) Moon Nakshatralord		Ketu(mars)	(1+8) = 9
3) Moon Rasilord		                Jupiter		(9+12) = 21
4) Daylord				       Sun		        5	= 5

Now we need to add all the numbers that is 21+9+21+5 = 	56

Add 5+6 = 11

Since the number 11 is greater than 4 options above, we need to bring it down to single digit that is 11 is 1+1 = 2

So the answer is number 2, the 2nd option which is ENGLAND… 

So based on this theory England should lift the T20 World Cup 2021… I hope the Ruling planets bless me with the 
positive outcome…

This BLOG had been due efforts of Joint Study of Hamid Sheikh & Sukirti Kakkar

Birmingham, AL, United States