Sushanth’s Suicide - A case study

Sushanth’s Suicide - A case study
Recently, the sudden suicide incident of Hindi film actor Sushanth Singh Rajput has shaken us all. This write up answers: What astrological factors played a role in his decision to commit suicide? Can we see suicide before it happens to natives in their charts? If so, how to time it from the charts? What type/kind of suicide would be adopted by the native?

Actor Sushanth birth details are not available. So, we have to depend on Luminaries to decide his ascendant or we have to check the rare method of different types of stars from those luminaries. His rough birth data could be June 21st 1986 @ 06-45-25sec [AM], Patna [India]. His Rahu dasa was over by june-13th of 2020 @7-06mnts pm. His suicide was on June 14th of 2020, i.e., in the JUP MD/ AD/PD/SD of JUPITER, SATURN SD JUNCTURE.

The reason why RAHU not involved in this suicidal event is both nodes are placed in Vishnu amsa [protection]. Being a natural benific under debilitation, Jupiter here should not trigger the suicidal event, but he triggered the event with the help of the Lagna and the 2nd Lord Saturn. Why?

3-12th lord Jupiter was actually powerless to give death, but he had given it without any mercy. Why?

Every student of astrology has to do some research on the 2 points given above.

Casual astrologers say that the 8th lord Sun with 3-12th lord Jupiter, 5-10the lord Venus under the vedha planet Mars aspect the vedha house placed in Saturn and his aspect on Lagna, bhava chalith mercury as 6th lord moving into the Lagna are the some of the key factors for his committing suicide. But the hidden factors are more important in this chart.

Let us view the chart from the Moon’s point of view in a different way called “different star factors” in different houses.

Moon in the 5th of Taurus from the natal ascendant and the Sun ascendant is under the aspect of Jupiter, nourishing the native like Venus. Observe that Venus is minutely ahead degrically than the Sun. Generally, such a close association of the Sun and the Venus is called combustion. However, in which way the Sun combusts Venus is the key research point for students of astrology.

From the Moon, the karma nakshtra is Hastha, fallen in his 9th house of dharma (religion), higher knowledge. This indicates that he was born to do some dharmic and religious karma. Sushanth had varied interests in knowledge-based fields like astronomy, physics, etc. His sanghathika nakshtra falls in Moola, which is in his 12th house of liberation and moksha. This 12th house Sagittarius occupied with atma karaka Mercury is a hint to the students of astrology. The 3rd group star called “Udaya” Nakshatra is uttharashadam ruled by the 8th lord Sun from the Lagna and 4th lord of elevation and firm seating or placement. Udaya is placed both in the 12th and 1st houses. He started to earn from his Rahu dasa–Mercury period onwards [2008]. Atma karaka Mercury is placed in day Nakshatra, i.e., in uttharashadam.

His Adhana star is sravanam, which is ruled by the Moon in the Lagna. The Lagna has 12th and 8th lords along with the lord of romance and love Venus. Here, the Moon acts as Venus [being benific for the Capricorn ascendant]. So, his relationship with his first crush ANIKITHA lasted for 6 years, and was broken in 2016. The broken factors relate to Saturn and Mars aspects. Being the lord of 7th,his adhana star initiated the 2nd relationship with Rhea in 2017, i.e., in adhana star ruler Moon’s AD [2017] in Rahus maha dasa.

His “Vai-nashik” or “vinashik “[destruction] star is uttarabhadrapada ruled by Saturn, a potent maraca lord and also the Lagna lord. He was in the 3rd house of courage. Since this 3rd is 8th from the 8th house of MRUTYU / DEATH, he lost [8th] his courage [3] and committed suicide.

The death of sushanth by suicide [hangining] happened after 13th June, i.e., on June-14th, 2020. On that day, the transit Saturn was aspecting his 3rd house of vinashik star uttarabhadrapada, which also had transit Mars in vinashik star uttarabhadrapada.

Transit Lagna is Gemini, which was 6th from the natal Lagna. Mercury is under transit, with the 6th lord Mars’ aspect.

Can the chart show any clues as to how one would commit suicide?[poison/hanging/Drowning in water/by burning etc] The answer is, yes! HOW & WHY?

Note the degress of the Lagna, Jupiter, Sun, Venus, Mars, and Ketu. In this chart, all were well placed in “pasha/paasa”drekkonas. Pasha means a rope or rope like structure; it could be a cloth woven like a rope too. Now in the transit chart, Mars, Saturn, and Jupiter are all in Paasha, proving the suicide or death was with the help of a rope like material.
This BLOG had been due efforts of Joint Study of Hamid Sheikh & Sukirti Kakkar

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