Shahrukh Khan Son's Arrest

Shahrukh Khan Son's Arrest

Shahrukh Khan DOB: 2 November 1965
TOB: 3:15 am [morning]
PLACE: DELHI  INDIA. Long: 77E13  Lat: 28N39

Vedic Mythology

Natal Chart

1. The event is related to his 5th house [Capricorn] on the date of the event Jupiter the lord of the 4th house [12th from 5th house] is transiting 
the 5th house along with Saturn the 6th house lord. [In the natal chart Saturn gives ZERO bindu in Aquarius the 6th house of the natal chart from
 Sun and Moon ascendants]

2. Since it seems to be a case of extortion of money therefore I will study the 12th house of non recoverable expenditure.

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Presently it is Mahadasa of Saturn and Antardasha of Rahu.
Saturn is lord of the 6th house from 12th house [5th house] and Rahu is placed in the 10th house from the 12th house[9th house] both are eager
to give the result for the 12th house of non recoverable expenditure [extortion] This is well reflected from high worksheet score for
Saturn/Rahu for the 1st which is self 8th which means insults and tension and the 12th which represents expenses itself.

3.The worksheet points of Saturn for the 2,3,4,5,6,7  are only 3,6,0,2,3 and 5 respectively, pointing out problems being faced about these houses.
2nd house....suffering family tension.
3rd  house....his courage and ability to perform.
4th  house....home comfort and happiness.
5th  house....children
6th  house....status
7th  house....dinacharya/daily routine.

4. Shahrukh Khan is undergoing sar e sati. This is when Saturn transits 12th from the Moon , moon placement sign itself and 2nd from Moon.
According to KAS when Saturn has less than 3 bindus in these houses then this transit is troublesome for the native. Shahrukh Khan has 2,2 
and 1 by Saturn in these houses which means that he already was not comfortable with this transit. However when Saturn transits into Aquarius 
the matters will be problematic further , however it will retrograde after about  50 days and will take another 50 days to be in Capricorn again. 
The antardasha of Rahu will remain of concern which will end on 8th september 2023.

5. The flow of the chart shows that although the present imprisonment may be short, this case will keep him occupied during his sar e sati. 
Jupiter antardasha will start giving him some relief.

6. For further better understanding of his chart please read my Blog  "The Wheel Of Fortune"  available at this site

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