Date of Birth: 2 November 1965
Time of Birth: 2:00 am / 2:30 am / 6:15 am [three different times reported]
Place of Birth: Delhi. India 77 E 13 long and 28 N 39 Lat
Therefore it is important to rectify time of birth before commenting on his chart.

Events Used for rectification of TOB;
a] date of marriage: 25 Oct 1991
b] Date of birth of Aryan: 13 Nov 1997
c] Date of birth of daughter : 22 may 2000
d] Younger son particulars are not used [ human intervention birth]
Ayanamsa used: 22:29:17

The above mentioned events do not match with any of the time available with Leo / Libra Ascendants.

Therefore I focused on Virgo ascendant and by fine tuning came to the conclusion that he was born at 3:15 am having 2 degrees and 37 min Virgo Ascendant.

Mahadasha: Jupiter
Antardasha: Jupiter
When the Sun transited in Libra and Nakshatra ruled by Jupiter between 6 - 15 Nov 1991. [ actual marriage date: 25 Oct 1991]
The few days error because the Pandits decided 25 Oct when when Moon will be exalted]

Birth rectification

Vedic astrologer birth chart

No child in the antardasa of Jupiter because its lord of 12th house from the 5th house.
No child in the antardasha of Saturn because it is aspecting the 12th house [ karak for children] by 7th sight.
God gave him a male child in the Antardasha of Mercury the lord of the 10th house. [ the antardasa of the 10th lord gives male child]
Mahadasha: Jupiter.
Antardasha: Mercury.
When Sun transited in the third house from the Karak house of children that is  Libra and Nakshatra ruled by Jupiter. [between 6 - 15 November]
Date of Birth of Son: 13 nov 1997.

No child was born in the Ketu antardasha as it was not supportive for child birth.
God gave him a female child in the antardasha of Venus which is the lord of his 2nd house and gives female child.
Mahadasha: Jupiter.
Antardasa: Venus.
When Sun transit in Taurus [the supportive house to his 5th house and have the same nakshatras] and nakshatra ruled by Sun [ 15 - 24 May].
Date of Birth of daughter: 22 May 2000.

Therefore it is concluded that he may have been born on 2 November 1965  at 3:15 am in Delhi.India.

This BLOG had been due efforts of Joint Study of Hamid Sheikh & Sukirti Kakkar

Hamid Sheikh
Vedic Astrologer
Calgary, Canada
Sukirti Kakkar
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