CORONA and Aspect of Saturn

CORONA and Aspect of Saturn

It was mid March 2020 when I was having a chat with Mr Hamid Sheikh,I requested him to look into Corona Virus,
to which he agreed,then after a couple of days he replied that there is no astrological combination which could 
explain it and should be valid for the past pandemics,it is then only that it can be helpful in predicting such pandemics in future.

Then after a few days I received a whatsapp from him explaining which countries will be effected most and why.
Then later he wrote his findings in the which I am appending below for the interest of 
fellow Astrologers and friends who have interest in Vedic Astrology.

I tried to study the Corona Virus although have good reasons to explain the present scenario astrologically but could not match or co relate
the astrological combination which could justify previous such events in history so that future such events could be predicted.

Thereafter I thought the rulers of different states are impacted differently and thought of studying their charts since time of birth are not 
available so thought of taking the approximate position of moon and see the aspect of saturn on their horoscope.

My findings are as below:

Countries who head of state are undergoing sar e sati.{Saturn is transiting within 45 degree of their natal moon]
a] USA: Donald Trumph 14-06-1946
b] Spain: King Felipe 6 30-01-1968
c] France: Edouard Phillippe 28-11-1970
d] Germany: Angela Merkel 17-07-1954
e] Belgium: Sophie Wilmes 15-01-1975
f] Brazil :Jair Bolsonaro 21-03-1975

Countries whose head of state natal moon has 7th aspect of transiting Saturn:
a] Italy:Sergio Mattarella 23-07-1941
b] UK: Queen Elizabeth 2 21-04-1926
c} China: XI Jinping 15-06-1953
d] Denmark: Queen Margrethe 2 16-04-1940

Countries whose head of state have 3rd sight of Saturn on their natal moon:
a] Iran:Hassan Rouhani 12-11-1948
b] Canada: Justin Trudeau 25-12-1971

Countries whose head of state position of natal moon is not aspected by transiting saturn:
a] Portugal: Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa 12-12-1948
b] India:Narendra Modi 17-09-1950
c] Pakistan: Imran Khan 05-10-1952
d] South Korea:Chung Sye Kyun 05-11-1950
e] Saudi Arabia:Mohammad Bin Sultan 31-08-1985
f] Isreal:Benjamin Netanyahu 21-10-1949
g] Japan:Abe Shinzo 21-09-1954
h] Hungary:Victor Orbun 31-05-1963
i] Greece:Kyriakos Mitsotakis 04-03-1968
j] Bangladesh:Sheikh Husina 28-09-1947
k] Australia:Scott Morrison 21-03-1955

It will be important to see how the stress faced by the head of the state is reflected for the whole nation.
However finality of impact will be observed once this Corona ends.
This BLOG had been due efforts of Joint Study of Hamid Sheikh & Sukirti Kakkar

Hamid Sheikh
Vedic Astrologer
Calgary, Canada
Sukirti Kakkar
Vedic Astrologer