Border issue of indo-china

Border issue of indo-china
We are aware of the present Indo-China border issues. Before we dwell into its astrological angles, let me brief you a small bit about it first. The word DRAGON has its own special meaning apart from its mythological and dictionarical ones. China owing to its dragon symbolism is famous for dragging any issue decades together without solving them. “Drag-on” is that special meaning in our present topic. As per media reports, China has been dragging this border issue since 1962 to date. Strange but true, China has dragged this issue for more than 600 times. Now, let us examine the nature of China using the prashna chart.

The prashna/question data are as follows:
The date of the prashna [question] was on 22-06-2020; the time was 22-54-17seconds, and the place is Chennai [south India]. See the given question chart.

Lagna lord [LL] Saturn, 2-11th lord Jupiter are under malefic Ketu’s [dragon/dragger] clutches, which is a sign of tensions.

In navamsa, both Jupiter and Saturn are under the influence of Mars. But, both prashna lagna and navamsa lagna are the same. So, it is a sign of relief. But for how many days, months, and years would this tensionless relief prolong?

Jupiter and Saturn are both in sun star uttharashadam and lagna is on Rahu’s sathabhishak. So, Rahu’s shadowy patch is on the Indian public. Planets based on their star placement show that China may with draw from the border but due to Rahus influence, it will always strike again with its famous “gorilla war techniques” after a gap. We can see this time gap accurately using astrology.

The date of question is on 2020-06-22nd. Add 11years-9months-49days to the date of question. It is showing 11th sep of 2031. So, on this given date, there is a high possibility that China will again start the issue.

If any triggering planets touch the nodes after sep-28th of 2020, then too China would again raise the issue on 30-03-2021.
This BLOG had been due efforts of Joint Study of Hamid Sheikh & Sukirti Kakkar

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